Personalized health coaching to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Together we will focus on transforming nutrition, enhancing physical activity, and redirecting mindset. 


My Story

Growing up, I was always told that I would grow into my clothes. I heard I was big-boned. I heard I will think out. Before I knew it, lies and excuses that I told myself became true when I reached my heaviest weight sophomore year of high school. On the outside I tried to be confident and happy, but truly - I was devastated and hated my body. 

From that moment on, I decided I am not going to live my life feeling trapped in my own skin. My journey began knowing somewhat about nutrition, a little bit more about exercising, and nothing about mindset. It took me 4 years of hard work. BUT I DID IT!

Because of the knowledge and insight I gained, I decided to switch my major to Nutrition. After learning even more, I decided to also study Complementary and Integrative Health.

But here's the thing, my journey is far from over. Health is a journey and it must be something you choose Every. Single. Day. Sometimes it sucks and you just want the dang cupcake. Other days are great and you crush an exercise goal! Whatever your journey has been or is right now, I want you to unlock your health transformation. I want you to have the same freedom I have found from taking care of my body. I want you to live as your BEST version of yourself!

How does this happen? Through the 3 things that continually transform people's health:

1. Nutrition

2. Exercise

3. Mindset

I promise you that even though it feels like you have tried everything and nothing has worked; working with me is completely different. Whatever it takes. You are worth it.

- Kella




Coaching sessions are bi-weekly, 50 minute sessions. The program will include a diet analysis for personalized nutrition education, along with goal setting involving movement and exercise. We will also work through stress reduction and self-care.



Mike W.

Kella does a fantastic job of keeping a balanced approach to health, weight loss, diet changes and personal circumstances. There is a sensitivity and passion that makes her far older and more mature than her youthful reality suggests. She is a pleasure to work with and effective at helping people young and old. For someone in their mid 40's, I'm eating better and healthier than I have in years and have some weight loss to prove it 😁!

Lisa K.

I started health coaching sessions 3 months ago and I lost 13 pounds and 2 sizes so far! I learned how to make good food choices, how to resist temptations, how to stay active and how to manage stress. I am on my way to becoming a better, healthier me!

Kella's Health Coaching

Greater Milwaukee Area, Wisconsin.

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